Driving success in digital is more difficult than ever. New entrants face the relentless "Lumascape Challenge." Companies need to break through, showing quick adoption in a competitive and complex environment.

    C.R.O. Partners speeds revenue traction for digital companies. Our clients capture first or early mover advantage, are able raise their next round more quickly and are better positioned to build their internal sales and operational teams.

    C.R.O. has deep experience in digital and an exceptional network. We develop the message, identify the best prospects and go into the marketplace to close business. C.R.O. is evaluated on having produced measurable results.

    We have a proven track record and have helped launch visible digital companies, including Tremor, StrikeAd, Grapeshot and StickyAds. We have credibility in the marketplace; senior decision makers trust us and want to see the companies we are working with.

    Our approach makes it easy for clients to get started. We understand the issues early stage companies face; our partnerships with them are flexible and success-driven.


    Michael Kerans


    Mike's background includes senior management positions at Paramount Television, Warner Bros., Dish TV, (Nasdaq-listed search platform) Miva and IPG's Draft FCB. Mike has consulted in digital and new media for ten years; C.R.O. Partners recently celebrated its 9th anniversary. Mike has led engagements across online video, mobile, social media, programmatic and other disciplines for StickyAds (NBC), Tremor Video, MailOnline, Grapeshot, StrikeAd, Yieldex, Warner Music and others. Mike is a graduate of The University of Massachusetts, Amherst.



    Grapeshot (now Oracle)

    Mission: Launch keyword contextual targeting solution

    John Snyder, CEO and Co-Founder


    "C.R.O. Partners generated enough traction in nine months for us to raise a $3.3MM funding round."


    StickyAds (now NBC)

    Mission: Position a SaaS video SSP solution and grow revenue

    Herve Brunet, CEO


    "C.R.O. Partners helped us shape our messaging and exceed our year-one US revenue projections."


    Tremor Video

    Mission: Market online video to planners to increase category spend

    Randy Kilgore, Chief Revenue Officer


    “Mike has been effective in developing and implementing strategies that have helped Tremor Media compete for share and expand the size of the broadband video marketplace.”



    Mission: Launch US version of the UK's DailyMail, the world's largest news site

    Rich Sutton, Chief Revenue Officer, North America


    “While I know that C.R.O. Partners has other clients—I would never know it with the attention and coverage we receive. Mike's always–on, 24/7 approach to our business has driven meetings we would never have gotten and most importantly, revenue.”



    Mission: Launch the world's first mobile demand side platform (DSP)

    Alex Rahaman, CEO


    “C.R.O. Partners helped launch our UK-based mobile DSP in the US. Mike secured initial feedback, positioned the offering for this market, generated early revenue and helped build the team over an 18 month period. StrikeAd is now headquartered in New York.”



    Mission: Launch Yieldex's programmatic direct offering

    Tom Shields, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer


    “C.R.O. Partners helped us launch our new YieldexDirect platform. Mike got us the right meetings quickly—first securing feedback, then helping us position our approach. The results were better than we expected."


    Avenace, Inc.

    Mission: Launch location-based targeting solution

    Roger and Cameron Percy, Co-Founders


    “C.R.O. has helped us position the value of GPS/WiFi audience measurement in the global out-of-home ad and retail real estate marketplaces. They have been an invaluable sales and marketing resource for us. Many thanks.”


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