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"Starting in the United States with a minimum budget" - book excerpt

"Mike, US Consultant"

Excerpt from Get Sh*t Done Book

"Launching a start-up in the United States was something that we had never done before and required knowledge that we did not possess. Even though we had experience in creating starts-ups in different European countries, the United States proved to be different.


Once we acknowledged this fact, Hervé activated his personal network and that is how we met with Mike Kerans, an American consultant specialized in the launching of American adtech start-ups. Mike is a business veteran. He is positive, nice, curious, hardworking and has an amazing list of contacts. We quickly signed a contract with him to explore American opportunities. Despite the fact that we did not have a local team in place at the time, Mike stepped-up and became the US representative of

Mike is a great salesman. ..."

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