C.R.O. Partners has worked with many US companies to scale revenue. We are best known for launching and scaling roughly 70 international digital businesses in the US since our founding in 2008.

    Setting up in the US is expensive: $1-2MM. No matter how successful the business has been outside the US, they are a start-up here. Remote hiring and team management are also challenging. Our network enables us to get in front of the right people quickly. People want to see the companies we are working with. The results speak for themselves.

    Our solution is typically a 9-12 month process:

    - Develop eight-minute problem/solution/outcome messaging
    - Identify a list of key targets; gather "friendly" feedback
    - Present and close buy/sell-side business with visible clients

    At that point, the business is established and ready to move to the next level. Additional services include legal, recruitment, investment counsel as well as M&A and corporate development advisory.


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    Michael Kerans


    Mike's background includes senior management positions at Paramount Television, Warner Bros. Television, Dish TV, Miva, and Draft FCB. Mike has led engagements across digital video, social, native, gaming, data, programmatic platform, and others for StickyAds, Tremor Video, MailOnline, Grapeshot, Semasio, Appnexus, Warner Music, and others. Mike is a graduate of The University of Massachusetts, Amherst.


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    Grapeshot (Oracle)

    Mission: Launch keyword contextual targeting solution

    John Snyder, CEO and Co-Founder


    "C.R.O. Partners generated enough traction in nine months for us to raise a $3.3MM funding round. Mike also made the introduction to our acquirer, Oracle."


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    StickyAds (now NBC)

    Mission: Position a SaaS video SSP solution and grow revenue

    Giles Chatelat, COO (CEO of Clind)


    "Mike (CRO Partners) was the perfect advisor for us at StickyAds. He was there with us from the start, adapting our messaging and driving revenue in the US market. He is a pleasure to work with and remains a friend, helping me again on my new venture, Clind!"


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    Mission: Launch US version of the UK's DailyMail, the world's largest news site

    Rich Sutton, Chief Revenue Officer, North America


    “While I know that C.R.O. Partners has other clients—I would never know it with the attention and coverage we receive. Mike's always–on, 24/7 approach to our business has driven meetings we would never have gotten and most importantly, revenue.”


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    Mission: Launch the world's first mobile demand side platform (DSP)

    Alex Rahaman, CEO


    “C.R.O. Partners helped launch our UK-based mobile DSP in the US. Mike secured initial feedback, positioned the offering for this market, generated early revenue and helped build the team over an 18 month period. StrikeAd is now headquartered in New York.”


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    Mission: Launch Yieldex's programmatic direct offering

    Tom Shields, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer


    “C.R.O. Partners helped us launch our new YieldexDirect platform. Mike got us the right meetings quickly—first securing feedback, then helping us position our approach. The results were better than we expected."


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    Mission: Broaden holdco customer based from foundational OMG partnership

    Kasper Skou, Co-Founder and CEO


    "Mike not only knows everyone you need to see but has the personal equity with these people to get you in front of them. His breadth of experience makes him a valuable source for messaging and product development as well."


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    Mission: Secure holdco MSA's and senior management visibility for programmatic direct platform

    Ben Dixon, Executive Director


    "Mike's rich knowledge of the media industry and extensive C-Level buy and sell-side contacts were a significant asset for us. Mike collaborated wonderfully with our internal teams in the US and around the globe right through to deal closure with prospective clients, including an MSA with Havas."


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    Mission: Launch first programmatic guaranteed platform in the US

    Tom Shields, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer


    “C.R.O. Partners helped us launch our new YieldexDirect platform. Mike got us the right meetings quickly—first securing feedback, then helping us position our approach. The results were better than we expected. This initiative led to our acquisition by Appnexus."


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    Mission: Grow US demand for location data targeting and attribution

    Sam Amrani, Founder and CEO, Tamoco and Olvin


    “Mike wastes no-one's time, matching his clients with prospects in the US on the basis of true mutual benefit. We've covered a lot of ground in the US and thanks to Mike and his network. I'd have no hesitation in recommending Mike to any business that wants to achieve the same."


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